4 Creative Ways: How to Surprise Your Partner with a Hidden Engagement Ring

 4 Creative Ways: How to Surprise Your Partner with a Hidden Engagement Ring

If you are planning the most romantic marriage proposal then you must muster up the courage and make it a reality. Especially if you are planning a surprise proposal, you need to master skills to keep it a secret until the special day arrives. 

You also need an exciting place to hide the engagement ring to make sure that the proposal ends up being the best surprise for your partner. But identifying a secret and safest place to hide the ring can be nerve-wracking. It gets even harder if you have the worst poker face ever. 

The good news is that keeping the ring hidden does not have to be so hard. With a little creativity, you can pull off a perfect proposal.

Let’s have a look at some of the best ways to surprise your partner with an engagement ring.

Your Pet’s Collar

If your partner or you own a dog or cat, then you have the best place to hide the ring in your place. If she loves dogs then adding the ring to its collar is the best way to include the dog in the proposal as well. 

Instead of a collar, you can also tie a ribbon around its neck lightly with a ring attached. Ask the dog to go to your partner during the proposal. As soon as your partner spots the ring, then get down on one knee for the final part.

Wooden Box

You can ditch the regular ring box and make it more fun by using a creative wooden box to keep the unique engagement rings, one for you and the other one for your partner. You can pick your favorite wooden box design by searching for it on the internet.

Your significant other will be amazed by the idea and it can serve as a memory box for keepsakes. Moreover, a wooden box will help you keep the proposal secret as it is not commonly used for engagement rings. 

Hollowed-Out Book

If she is a book lover then you have the perfect idea to come up with to hide the engagement ring. Gift your girlfriend a hollowed-out book with a perfect ring inside. If she says that she will read the book later, then you need to come up with an idea. You can ask her to read a certain page from the book to you. 

Once she opens the book, the ring will show up and that’s your moment to ask her to marry you. 

Fortune Cookie

You can also join in the trend of using food as a means of placing the engagement ring. The best and safest food item to place the ring is the fortune cookie. This is the best option because fortune cookies require you to open them first before you ingest them. But you should still be careful that she doesn’t eat the cookie right away.  

The best part of hiding the engagement ring and your significant other finding it inside symbolizes your future love story.

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