5 Things That Make Chicago Pizza Unique

 5 Things That Make Chicago Pizza Unique

Chicago is an incredible city that’s instantly recognizable.  From the awesome culture to the fantastic music, one of the most iconic parts of Chicago is absolutely its pizza.  If you’ve never had Chicago-style pizza, you’re missing out! sedordle


These are five things that make Chicago-style pizza unique and why you should try it soon!

The Deep Wall to Wall Crust

The most obvious thing that sets Chicago pizza apart is the crust!  Chicago crust isn’t generally that thick, but it is pushed up onto the walls of the pan.  This creates a crust that’s more similar to a pie crust than a classic pizza crust and ensures that the fillings don’t spill out or flood the pan the moment you cut the pizza.  Not only does this crust still get crispy and delicious, but it’s a fantastic reveal when you pull out a gorgeous slice! 

Toppings Repeatedly Layered

The toppings on any Chicago pizza are layered!  This layering ensures that the toppings are spread throughout and that every bite is absolutely delicious.  This gives the pizza a high profile, higher than was already achieved by the tall crust, so don’t be surprised if you have to open your mouth wider than usual to eat some of this pizza!  After your first bite, you’re going to start looking for houses for rent in Chicago!

The Cheese is Under the Sauce

If you’ve never had Chicago-style pizza before and you’re not sure what to expect, you may be surprised when you’re served a slice that has sauce on top of the cheese!  The famous Chicago style is layered, and the sauce comes above everything else.  This allows the cheese to stay gooey and melty on every bite and ensures you don’t have to worry about it getting hard or old if you have to reheat it the next day.  

The Time to Bake It

Chicago-style pizzas take longer to bake!  Because of how many layers there are to it, these pizzas can take twenty to thirty minutes to bake, depending on temperature and the type of oven you’re using.  This means that you could have to deal with a little bit of a wait: but it’s worth it.  It’s like waiting for a perfect lasagna to cook; although it’s going to feel like it’s taking forever, once you take that first bite, you won’t care about how long the wait was. 

The Way You Eat It

How you eat a Chicago-style pizza may be different.  Generally, most pizza restaurants in this city avoid soupy sauces because there’s a lot of sauce on their pies: but if they don’t, you might have to go for a fork.  Although in most cities, you can get looked at kind of weird if you use a fork to eat pizza, in Chicago, people are divided 50-50 on whether they do or don’t.  This means that if you want to use a fork: go ahead! 

Chicago Knows How to Make Incredible Pizza

This city has spent years perfecting its best pizza possible: which is why everyone knows what Chicago-style pizza is the moment they hear it’s mentioned.  Try a slice soon, and you’ll never go back to the thin crust!

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