Digital Marketing Strategies That Can Be Implemented for Small Business

 Digital Marketing Strategies That Can Be Implemented for Small Business

In this era of technological advances, digital marketing plays an important role in launching a business, especially small businesses. In fact, according to the Digital Marketing Institute and Evergreen, digital marketing needs to be considered by small business owners. In addition to more affordable marketing costs, many companies are turning to digital businesses to expand their marketing reach. So what are the digital marketing business strategies that small business owners can implement?

Understanding Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a marketing or promotion of a product using the internet or other digital media. Digital marketing businesses take advantage of technological developments to carry out promotions subtly but have a big impact on potential customers. The media used are usually websites, blogs, social media, email, online forums, etc.

The purpose of the digital marketing business is to attract potential customers quickly considering their high online activity. These business owners attract the attention of potential customers through attractive content that has been optimized to be tracked and found through search engines. Digital marketing itself is divided into several types, including:

  • Content marketing; focuses on creating and distributing content in the form of blog posts, videos, podcasts, or e-books for the target market and consumers

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM); paid marketing efforts through keywords or keywords so that your brand is easily found through search engines

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO); efforts to get quality visitor traffic either organically or paid through optimized content

  • Social media marketing; marketing carried out using social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

  • Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising; a marketing model where you have to pay for every click that leads to your website BoostSERPs

  • e-mail marketing; using email media to provide the latest information or promotions about your digital business

  • Affiliate marketing; your digital business builds relationships with other businesses to get new customers in exchange for a commission for each customer they get

  • Influencer marketing; promotion through influential figures on social media in exchange for commissions or free products

  • Instant messaging marketing; marketing carried out through digital messaging media such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp


The Importance of Digital Marketing for Small-Scale Digital Business

After entering the digital era, many entrepreneurs of various scales have ventured into digital business. This is inseparable from the fact that there are many internet users, including in Indonesia. In order to reach them and promote effectively, digital marketing is the right solution, especially for small entrepreneurs with limited promotional costs.

Digital marketing allows digital businesses to do massive and scalable marketing. That is why promotional efforts are more effective because they are able to reach the right target market. That way, marketing costs tend to be more efficient but still able to obtain optimal results. In addition, digital marketing also makes it easier for business people to measure business performance from available data. This advantage will make it easier for you to know which areas need to be improved and maintained in the business.

This reason makes digital marketing the most appropriate marketing effort to develop a small-scale digital business. So how does your business take advantage of digital marketing?

Digital Marketing Preparation for Small-Scale Digital Business

There are at least five preparations you need to do so that your digital marketing strategy can run effectively and efficiently:

Prepare Digital Assets

Digital assets are media or places where you promote and sell products through the internet. For example, creating an online store in the marketplace, relying on the WhatsApp Business application to connect with the target market, or relying on social media as a medium for selling as well as interacting with the target market and consumers. This asset is indispensable for digital businesses as a platform to carry out marketing activities.

Even though there are many digital assets available, that doesn’t mean you need to use all of them. Choose the most effective for your digital business so that promotional activities are more targeted and don’t waste time.

Promotion Plan

After determining the digital assets to be used, it’s time for you to plan a promotion or campaign. The promotion plan can start by determining which digital assets to optimize. After that adjust the plan with the type of digital asset.

Platform-based Content Production

The type of content to be created needs to be carefully planned. For starters, determine the content based on the platform you choose to promote your digital business. Remember that each platform has its own characteristics, so first identify the characteristics of each platform before you choose.

For example, Instagram which focuses more on visual content will attract users who enjoy this type of content. Then there is YouTube which serves a variety of video content of various durations. There is also TikTok which is favored by users who like short, interesting content. Marketplace also has different characteristics, depending on demographics and what products you offer.

In essence, your digital business needs to know the characteristics of each platform used. After that, determine the right content to attract the target market and consumers.


This budget is needed to carry out paid digital marketing promotions. If you want to advertise on digital platforms or collaborate with influencers, there are certain costs that need to be prepared. Because small-scale digital businesses have a limited budget, make sure the funds allocated are on target.

Learn Competitor Activities

Pay attention to what kind of marketing methods your competitors are applying. Indeed, not all competitor strategies can be applied, but at least you can study their movements. If possible, you can even apply it in your digital business.

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