What Extra Services Does an Atlanta Pool Builder Provide?

 What Extra Services Does an Atlanta Pool Builder Provide?

Are you planning to build a new house with a swimming pool? Then it would be best if you decided which swimming pool features will be the best for your house. Homeowners should hire an Atlanta pool builder to help them with the correct decision because there are plenty of features and services the companies have to offer.

Typical Services Atlanta Pool Builder Provide

Some swimming pool builders provide two sets of services to the clients. The first set contains specific services that are concerned with swimming building. These are the services that are also features that have to be included in the pool design. The four main services that the pool builders will provide include the following.

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Different Features in Hardscape

The clients can select several hardscape features to make their backyard beautiful. The staff of pool companies in Atlanta will assess the backyard area and determine which size of the pool will be appropriate and what features will fit with the design.

A Large Varieties of Waterfalls

The waterfalls are an important feature that will enhance the swimming pool structure. Homeowners have a variety of choices of waterfalls that include;

  1.       A sheer descent in which water is dropped into the pool in the form of a sheet.
  2.       The natural waterfalls are made of stones and rocks as they are found in their natural settings.
  3.       The bubblers effect is created when air flows inside the pool.
  4.       The desk jets will create a magical effect in the swimming pool.

Providing Spa Facility

The spa is a healthy addition to the backyard swimming pool. Other than providing health benefits, the spillover spas will make you relaxed, refresh your skin by increasing the blood flow, and all these things will boost your beauty.

You can Customize your Swimming Pool

An important swimming building feature that attracts a majority of clients is that they are given the option of selecting the features and services they desire according to the size and shape of the pool. An important point to note is that the size and shape of the pool have to be selected according to the area in your backyard.

Pool Companies in Atlanta Providing Extra Services

The second set of services that swimming pool contractors like Melo’s Construction provide concerns the swimming pool’s cleaning, maintenance, and caring. Not all pool builders provide the services mentioned below; clients have to visit the website to confirm if they are providing these services.

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Pool Repair Service

An important part of post-installation service is repairing the damaged pool. Many think the repairs are done only for the swimming pool structure and nothing else. But it has to be understood that all features of the pool that are mentioned in the above points are repaired.

Comprehensive Swimming Pool Inspection

Mainly three things have to be inspected during the service. These include damage to the swimming pool structure, all security features, and other important equipment. Many home inspections don’t include investigating the swimming pool, so a separate contractor for the backyard has to be hired. The staff is specially trained to inspect the pool feature and structures.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Service

After a pool installation in Atlanta, the most important thing on the list is its maintenance and cleaning. Special tools and equipment are required to clean the swimming pool, and the staff must be trained to fulfill their duties efficiently. The cleaning staff will vacuum the pool, pump and simmer cleaning, and maintain the pH level and chemistry of the pool.

Swimming Pools Closing and Opening Service

Homeowners have to hire an Atlanta pool builder to protect their swimming pool during the winter season. The staff will drain the water from the filters, pump, and swimming pool, remove the ladder and handrail, and apply an antifreeze agent. After the season has ended and spring has arrived, all the coverings are removed, test the equipment, and fix everything.

The swimming pool builders will provide these two sets of services to their clients.

Below are three questions that will further explain pool builders’ services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in swimming pool maintenance?

The maintenance services provided by an Atlanta pool builder include brushing the swimming pool walls, vacuuming, cleaning the skimmer, always inspecting the filters, and testing the chemicals and right pH levels.

How often should pool be cleaned?

The best time to clean a swimming pool is weekly. But you can also hire cleaning and maintenance services after every month. Clients can contact pool builders to learn about the services they provide.

Do I need to vacuum my pool everyday?

There is no need to vacuum the pool every day. You can use a vacuum cleaner for your pool once a week. This process will clear away all the pool dirt, debris, and leaves.


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