How Fast Can an Electric Unicycle Go?

 How Fast Can an Electric Unicycle Go?

The speed and range of an motorized unicycle are the two most crucial factors to consider when purchasing one. We’ve grown accustomed to hearing that motorized unicycle are fast, but this isn’t entirely true. The answer will vary substantially because different brands will give you different responses.

The electric unicycle rides at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour in general. 20 mph is a lot of paces for a beginner, but as your riding skills improve, you’ll want to go faster. Fortunately, a few electric unicycle models with top speeds of 30 to 45 miles per hour are available.

The quickest electric unicycles are currently available on the market. While speed is important when buying an electric unicycle, it is not the only factor to consider. In fact, the average speed is usually more interesting to me than the top speed. That said, we’ll look at the quickest electric unicycles and some of the factors that determine their speed for the sake of adrenaline enthusiasts.

Lawson Speed Limits

The speed of PEVs is regulated in most nations (Personal Electric Vehicles). However, in the North American market, for example, electric unicycle regulation is not universal and varies from state to state.

The majority of them, however, require that the motor output must be larger than 500 W and that the electric unicycles must not travel faster than 20 mph. Of course, the definition of an electric unicycle varies by state, so check with your local transportation authorities.

Aside from speed constraints and regulations, other factors influence the speed and range of an electric unicycle. Several factors influence the speed of an electric unicycle.

Dimensions of Wheels

The size of the wheel determines the height of an electric unicycle. However, larger wheels are available. Electric unicycles are normally classified by tire size, which ranges from 12″, 14″, 16″, and 18″.

The larger the wheel, the greater the surface area it covers while rotating. Unfortunately, while larger wheels allow for faster speeds, they are also more difficult to handle and are only recommended for experienced riders.


Even level ground allows for faster speeds when compared to biking on mountains or uneven and hard surfaces. When riding on a smooth and even surface, the electric unicycle has fewer distractions on the road and can easily attain its top speed.


It should go without saying that the more weight you have, the more power you’ll need to accelerate. Assuming all other conditions are equal, heavier riders put more strain on the motor, resulting in slower speeds on their motorized unicycle than lighter riders. To get the maximum speed, choose a motorized unicycle that is rated for your weight, or better yet, one with a higher weight capacity than your actual weight.


The electric unicycle’s power rating is determined by the motor output. The common belief is that speed equals power, which is wrong. Regardless, it has a major impact on the speed of an electric unicycle. After all, it determines how effectively your motorized unicycle can handle the extra weight and difficult terrain, two significant elements in speed.

What Is an Electric Unicycle’s Top Speed?

At 45 miles per hour, the Veteran Sherman is the fastest electric unicycle ever recorded.

What Is the Quickest Electric Unicycle?

The Veteran Sherman is the quickest electric unicycle currently available. It’s a high-performance unicycle with a 2500W motor and a 3,200Wh battery that lasts a long time. The Veteran Sherman’s drivetrain has a range of 128 miles and can attain speeds of up to 72 km/hr (45 mph). It’s a popular option for peoples looking for high cruising speeds, long rides, and offroad tracks.

What Is The Best Electric Unicycle For Beginners?

The speed of your electric unicycle should be the last thing on your mind if you’re new to unicycles. Instead, look for a beginner unicycle that will teach you the basics of riding an electric unicycle, especially about balance. For beginners, the best motorized unicycle should have the following features:

Rims Are Smaller

Recommend choosing a smaller-wheeled unicycle because they are easier to control and maneuver. They also have a lower center of gravity, making riding and dismounting much easier.

Large Wheels

Because wider tires provide more stability, you’re less likely to lose your balance when riding over a bump or crack.

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