Smoking Cessation: The advent of E-cigarettes

 Smoking Cessation: The advent of E-cigarettes

Young adulthood is considered the age of exploration. It is a period where people learn by performing creative stunts and the thrill it offers. Doctors and researchers alike have highlighted that this is an age when young adults will explore smoking, drinking, dating, and other ‘adult’ like things.

With more people talking about the ill effects of tobacco smoking, alternatives have been making headlines. E-cigarettes or vapes like Nicotine E-cigarettes occupy the front row in the smoking experience.

Over 500,000 Aussie vapers exist as of 2019. Almost 64 – 70% of Australians aged 18-24 have tried vaping at least once in their lifetime. Although 74% of this populace reported that they tried it out of curiosity, vaping as an alternative to smoking is slowly but surely being encouraged in the Australian lifestyle. They have contributed to the reduction of nicotine addiction and “quit smoking” ventures.

Why is tobacco smoking not advised?

Tobacco smoking has a lot of ill effects on the body. Although it is known to provide a sense of calm, unlike any other substance, consistent tobacco smoking can severely damage our lungs. This can cause lung cancer, emphysema and other complications. In general, tobacco smoking makes people susceptible to other infections, both passive and aggressive.

Smoking cessation is a process that is medically undertaken to help someone quit smoking. When a smoker is suddenly made to stop, they might display withdrawal symptoms which can cause adverse mental health effects like depression. Doctors generally suggest gradual smoking cessation paired with Inhaled Nicotine Replacement Therapy (INRT).

Why e-cigarettes?

Vaping is the process of inhaling the vapour created by a vaping device or a hookah. It is also known as an e-cigarette. A vaping machine is essentially an electronic device that mimics the experience of tobacco smoking. This is done by electronically creating the vapour using an atomizer and batteries. This vapour can even be flavoured in case smokers dislike the bitter taste of tobacco.

Although e-cigarettes are safer than regular cigarettes, they still carry traces of hazards in them. The mixture that the electric coils heat up contains nicotine mixed with other flavours like green apple, wood, fruits, sour candy, etc., to match your taste buds. In essence, it tries to get rid of the bitter aftertaste that a regular cigarette smoking experience provides by introducing flavourings.

Despite this, nicotine e-cigarettes are suggested by leading doctors and experts as it helps alleviate smoking addiction without rushing the progress.

Inhaled Nicotine Replacement Therapy (INRT)

Inhaled Nicotine Replacement Therapy (INRT) involves several devices like nicotine tablets and nicotine e-cigarettes designed to replace the craving and experience created by smoking tobacco. NRTs are not legally sanctioned products in Australia because they cannot be purchased over-the-counter like regular smokes. NRTs can only be acquired medically through a doctor’s prescription.

Prescribed Nicotine replacement products usually fall under the branch of ‘vaping’ products. These products come in different sizes, flavours and colours. Markets centred in Brisbane, New Zealand, and others offer vape kits for users that range from beginners to experts. Vape shops also have a stand-in employee to explain vaping to beginners to shop smarter and better professionally.

Markets have realized the booming interest in vapes across the globe and have introduced several kits to assist aid its popularity. Many kits like Starter kits, Pod kits, Vapestick kits, etc., come with different flavourings from candy to menthol so that people can closely mimic tobacco smoking without facing withdrawal symptoms.

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