Stockbroker-overview guide of this broker

 Stockbroker-overview guide of this broker

Stockbroker is the trading name of xnt ltd or ext ltd, an investment services firm founded in 2011, providing global asset-backed financial services, including direct access to various financial markets in the us, Europe, America, and Asia pacific.

Xnt ltd is authorized and regulated by the Malta financial services authority (mfsa) with license number c 52182; ext ltd is authorized and regulated by the Cyprus securities and exchange commission in Cyprus, with license number 165/12.

Market instruments

Investors can trade currencies (more than 50 currency pairs), metals (gold, silver, copper, platinum, and palladium), futures, options, currencies, bonds, as well as stocks and currencies traded on the financial markets through stockbroker.

Minimum deposit

To open an account with a trader, a deposit of 10,000 euros is required for the first account for individuals and 50,000 for a company account, with profits and losses borne by traders.

Stockbroker expansion

The highest rate offered by a stockbroker is 1:50, which is considered a low ratio, however the broker is clearly targeting large traders with spare cash, who are thought not to need high rates.

Spreads & commissions

The eur/usd spread is 0.3 pips, the gbpusd spread is 0.5 pips, and the eurgbp spread is 0.7 pips. The top rate on major us exchanges is $0.02 per share; on European exchanges, fees range from 0.02% to 0.18%.

Trading on major European exchanges (such as EuronextBrussels or EuronextParis) is subject to a 0.05% commission. The company allows investors to access major Asian exchanges with fees ranging from 0.1% on the Tokyo exchange to 0.1927% on the Hong Kong exchange.

The overnight fee applies to short positions and foreign currencies and is calculated as follows: (position value * interest rate / 360) * days = overnight fee.

Stockbroker platform features

  •         Account balance
  •         Commercial work
  •         Real-time market data
  •         Position overview
  •         Current orders and order history are marked
  •         Bond screener
  •         Click-trade function
  •         Transfers between accounts
  •         Summary of trade history
  •         Http api

Use the http api to create simple, fast and data-rich financial applications. From smart messenger bots and options strategy coaches, to market research and trading apps, websites with stock tickers and wholesale trading solutions.

Build next generation applications, feed your sales channels, and predict market quotes – all with a click into the ultimate market data source.

Fix api

For algorithmic traders, they offer the opportunity to trade through the fix api. Stockbroker supports the fix 4.4-based api that enables data transfer, transaction recovery and full-scale transaction automation.

Enjoy the opportunities that automation offers. You don’t have to limit yourself to using only the commercial ui. Fix api and http api connections are provided for free (available to customers with a minimum of 50’000 eur or equivalent in deposit). If you want fix api trading, global prime is one of my top picks.

White label solutions

The broker has developed technical solutions for institutional clients, including brokers and asset managers. They offer access to quotes from over 50 markets, software kits for brokers, and many other tools.

Excel integration

They have professional tools, as well as beginners in algorithmic trading. They offer integration with MS excel®, so all you need to become an algorithmic trader from now on is a few hours of free time and basic knowledge of vba.


There are no trading tools on the broker’s website at the moment but that is not a real issue because I think that the stockbroker platform has enough trading tools already built into it for the average trader. If you are looking for increased sales capabilities, then you may want to consider an api sales solution. If you need more trading tools, has an excellent selection.


The stockbroker website has additional learning resources for you to explore, including sales directories, news, press releases, and an FAQ section that answers some questions you may have.

There are some trading guides on the broker’s website that have everything you need to know to make the most of the Gatis Eglitis stockbroker platform. The market information section is regularly updated with articles explaining what is happening in different markets. I’ve found these can be used to help promote sales ideas. I would also check out active trades as they offer comprehensive market analysis and one on one training if this is something you would find useful.


You get direct access from a comprehensive account to over 400,000 instruments – stocks, etfs, bonds, futures, options, metals and currencies. You can request additional instruments and they will look to add them within 24 hours.

They have the largest number of trading instruments that I have seen from any broker I have reviewed over the years. They are up there with tmgm with a generous selection of over 15,000 markets worldwide.

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