Top 4 Reasons You Should Have Your Property Surveyed

 Top 4 Reasons You Should Have Your Property Surveyed

What is a Property Survey?

A survey is to do with the boundary lines of a land’s certain parcel. The systems used to do the survey are metes and bounds. This is done to describe a property with the help of determining the physical features of a piece of land. The property can be a creek area, or other adjacent properties – and the directions of the parcel are determined with the help of a survey.

It also happens quite often that permanent markers are embedded into a piece of land being surveyed – for the purpose of marking boundaries. It is the job of a property surveyor to ensure that all the current legal boundaries match the right type of dimensions and measurements. Another goal of the survey is to identify a property’s location where the building is situated.

Now we will look at the common reasons for land owners to hire someone for land surveying.

Exacting Boundary Lines

An important aspect is the need to learn about the boundaries of a property. For this purpose, a landowner comes in contact with a licensed property surveyor to mark the exact location of boundary lines. These are the legal boundaries that a surveyor marks the possession of a landowner. Marked boundaries are critical pieces of information that fundamentally help in the building of fences or paving way for a driveway.

The licensed surveying service is also available at property development services providers. The survey can also show how you and your neighbors had a wrong assumption. Both parties might have done the mistake of the wrong placement of boundary lines.

Gores and Gaps

Things like overlaps and gaps are the main issues of boundary line certification. Most of the surveying personnel do surveys that include a statement that there are no discrepancies between the different boundaries of a property. The discrepancy may lie between one land owners’ property with another property’s boundaries. This aspect matters very much if a property lies adjacent to alleys, roads or streets.

Right-of-Way and Abandoned Roads

A survey brings the advantage of showing all the conditions necessitated by the law that will be written in a property’s title report. The conditions will also be reflected in other agreements. In case a land owner’s property is blocking their neighbor’s access to the road. For instance, the involved parties may have an old agreement of ‘easement’ that gives your neighbor the right to walk across your yard to the street. This information comes into public records with the help of surveys by licensed professionals.


A licensed surveyor will make certification showing that certain improvements, alterations, and repairs to a property at the time of the survey are exactly as per the provisions of the law.

The most common restrictions on residential property are:

  • The height
  • Bulk
  • Various dimensions
  • Frontage
  • Parking
  • Building lines

It is obvious that your surveyor will also tell you (the land owner) if your latest improvements are not in line with the local law or other ordinances on the property.

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