Types of Golf Shot that You Should Know

 Types of Golf Shot that You Should Know

In golf, it is very important for players to master golf tips such as the types of golf shot and the right swing especially as a beginner. Golf is a game that does not have a standard playing field.

But is played on golf courses that each have a unique design, and usually consist of 9 or 18 holes. This game requires time, calculation, practice and special skills to win. Lack of skills in playing golf can cause some problems for novice players.

Although golf seems simple, it turns out that there are several types of techniques to hit the ball in the sport of golf. The obligation of every golfer is to know the types of golf shot and apply it in every round of the game.

By understanding each shot technique along with the types of golf clubs and its uses, it is hoped that they will be able to assist players in completing the game well.

6 Types of Golf Shot

Then what are the types of shot techniques that must be mastered by each golf player? The beginners in golf on average are very careless in hitting the golf ball and do not pay attention to the position of the ball.

In order to be able to play golf neatly and professionally, it is necessary for you to increase your knowledge of the types of shots in the sport of golf.

Types of golf shot are one of the things that must be known when playing golf where there are at least 6 shot techniques that must be mastered, so that you can get points in the game.

Furthermore, the techniques that exist in golf are one of the steps in order to be able to play in this sport. Here are the types and their uses that will be described.

  1. Tee Shot

The tee shot is the first shot made by the player from the teeing ground (the initial place to hit the ball that is directed towards the hole). Players usually use a type of stick driver to make this shot.

Driver types such as 1-wood are often used for long-distance holes while for short-range holes, iron-type sticks are used. This types of golf shot is the most important thing that determines whether the day goes well or not.

Take at least an hour before your tee time, and don’t rush just a few minutes before your call time. Before hitting, have everything you need in your golf bag. Don’t waste your time looking for something that turns out to be empty.

Better, prepare everything in the evening before leaving for the field. Do checklists such as the number of sticks, balls, tees, towels, umbrellas and others that you need.

  1. Fairway Shot

Fairway shot is a shot technique in golf that resembles a tee shot. After the golfer has made a tee shot, it is usually followed by a shot from the fairway or from tall grass. The type of golf club used for this shot technique is an iron or wedge stick.

For short-range fairway shots under 100 meters, the golf club usually used is the wedge. Meanwhile, for medium-range types of golf shot from meters to 160 meters, players usually use iron sticks for high-accuracy shots.

Not even a few golfers use wood or hybrid type sticks for shots with a distance of more than 160 meters. Several types of golf clubs that are often used in this shot technique are iron 3-9, wood 3, wood 5, hybrid 3, hybrid 4 and hybrid 5.

  1. Bunker Shot

If the ball falls in the bunker area, the shot technique used in golf is the bunker shot. Bunker shot is a close to medium range shot that aims to bring the ball closer to the green area.

The type of stick used to make this shot is usually a sand wedge type stick. When you are going to do a bunker shot, it’s a good idea to analyze the condition of the sand. Dry or wet sand conditions will affect your strategy in hitting.

  1. Approach Shot

Approach shots are taken with the aim of getting the ball closer to the green which includes close to medium range types of golf shot. There are three known approach shots in golf, namely the pitch shot, flop shot and chip shot.

The pitch shot technique is done by hitting the ball as if it had bounced over the green so that it could fall near the hole. Iron 6 golf clubs to lob wedges are often used to make this shot.

The flop shot technique is almost the same as the pitch shot technique. It’s just that in this technique the ball is bounced so that it can stop immediately right after reaching the ground.

Usually players do this shot to avoid obstacles such as pools and bunkers. Players usually use a lob wedge or a sand wedge when making this shot.

Meanwhile, the chip technique is a hitting technique in golf that aims to produce a low ball throw. This technique makes the ball fly low and then roll towards the green.

  1. Putting

Putting technique is one of the types of golf shot that is done using a putter. The goal of this shot is to make the ball roll smoothly across the green to the hole.

Many golf players consider this putting technique to be the most difficult shot technique in the game of golf, so it takes constant practice to get it right.

  1. Punch/Knockdown

When faced with strong winds or tree branches, golfers usually make low shots in the form of punch/knockdown to avoid these obstacles.

Those are some of the shots that are often practiced in the game of golf. By studying the above golf shot techniques, it is hoped that players will be able to know the needs of each field condition and improve their performance.

Golf has been one of the most popular sports for a long time, although most of those who play are those who have money and have a certain lifestyle to be able to enjoy it.

To maximize your game, you need the best golf gloves that you can look for at a Golf Gloves Manufacturer. But there is nothing wrong, for you who want to try to learn golf to first know the types of golf shot so that you are more proficient in this game.

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