Why are e-gifts perfect for every occasion?

 Why are e-gifts perfect for every occasion?

The gifting landscape has evolved over the years. Simplicity and ease of gifting have taken precedence over price. With changing times, the preferences of people have changed, and they are more keen on exploring new gifting solutions.

Be it festive gifting, or for special occasions, physical gifts have given way for egift cards as they are easy to share, and the recipient gets it instantly.

Flexibility and Freedom-

E-gift cards offer you the flexibility and freedom to choose gifts as per your preferences, and you can get e-gifting solutions for almost everything under the sun. There is always an element of hesitation when it comes to gifting, especially when you do not have an idea about the choice and preference of the person whom you intend to offer the gift. An e-gift card empowers the recipient to choose stuff  s/he likes and saves you from the hassle of getting the gifting right. his also gives you a sense of satisfaction that your gift has been well received.


Sending e-gifts is easy, and the recipient receives it immediately. Convenience is the primary factor why millennials are scouting gifting websites for almost every occasion. Be it a work anniversary or a colleague’s birthday, today’s generation chooses convenience and e-gifts are becoming popular with each passing day.

Easy to redeem-

Physical gifts are not easy to return and getting the replacement right is another headache. e-gift cards are easy to redeem, and offline vouchers and cards can be redeemed at brick and mortar stores as well, thereby making e-gift cards appealing and attractive to people in general.

Offers and Cashbacks-

Who does not love great offers and fantastic cashback, especially during festive and holiday season sales? e-gift cards are going mainstream for the simple reason that they carry lucrative cashback and discount option from all leading brands across domains.

So what are you waiting for?  Gift your near and dear ones an e-gift card and empower them to choose gifts of their choice. Be it a fancy gadget or fast fashion apparel, e-gifts cards are in vogue now.

Compared to physical gift cards, digital gift cards have a variety of advantages for consumers. Let’s take a look at the pros of digital gift cards now.

  • Available in almost any amount — Most physical gift cards are preloaded with a specific amount — $10, $25, $50, and so on. While some retailers sell gift cards that can be set to a specific amount, this is relatively uncommon for physical gift cards.Digital gift cards, on the other hand, can usually be purchased in almost any amount. This provides consumers with increased flexibility. Whether you’re looking to buy a high-value gift card, or just choose a smaller, more convenient amount, you’ll be able to choose just about any value for your digital gift card.
  • Convenient to purchase — If you’re looking for a particular physical gift card, you’ll either have to go to the retailer that sells the card, or to a “Gift Card Mall” kiosk at your local grocery store or superstore. And if you don’t have a store that sells that gift card near you, you’re out of luck.

    This provides digital gift cards with a clear advantage. If you have an internet connection, you can buy a gift card to almost any retailer or restaurant that sells gift cards, providing you with increased convenience, and a simple way to purchase gift cards from just about any store.
  • Instant delivery worldwide — Digital gift cards are usually sent directly to the recipient via SMS, email, or even specialized gifting apps, for some retailers. This provides instant, immediate delivery — making digital gift cards a great choice if you’re giving a gift to someone who doesn’t live near you.
  • Lower risk of scams — Because the information on digital gift cards is generated at the time of purchase and sent directly to you or the recipient, you’re much less likely to be the victim of popular gift card scams, such as gift card skimming.

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